Welcome to the official website for East Cobb cityhood. Please let this serve as a resource to collect factual information directly from committee members behind the effort. Updates and new information will be posted as developments occur. Please bear with us. This site is operated and maintained by committee volunteers hard at work to deliver information to you as quickly as possible. (Please check back frequently as changes occur weekly)

We invite you to meet the individuals dedicated to the proposed cityhood of East Cobb. While each member has his or her own, diverse background and story, each share a common goal: To listen and learn from YOU. And to give YOU a stronger voice. If you would like to lend your time or advice, additional steering committee members, as well as advisory subcommittee members are needed.

  • David Birdwell
  • Owen Brown
  • Rob Eble
  • Dee Gay
  • Joe Gavalis
  • Karan Hallacy
  • Sharon McGehee
  • Chip Patterson
  • Jerry Quan
  • Carolyn Roddy
  • Kevin Taitz
  • John Woods

East Cobb is the ideal place to live, work, raise a family, and retire. Let’s keep it that way.

Your neighborhood. Your dollars. Your vote

Key Points:

  • No new taxes even though a city resident is also a Cobb county resident. 
  • Current city boundary is Cobb County Commission District 2 as defined by the state legislature.
  • When the city is chartered, neighborhoods in unincorporated areas could petition to join.
  • The new city begins its first year with a substantial revenue surplus, even with one-time start-up costs. It would be up to the city’s elected representatives how to budget and spend.
  • More local control over local affairs.
  • City government would have an elected mayor, elected Council and appointed city manager.
  • Existing government center can be expanded
  • Students in the city continue to go to Cobb’s highly-rated public schools
  • Better road maintenance
  • Enhanced police coverage & fire protection